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Unakite 8mm Round Bracelets

Unakite 8mm Round Bracelets

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 -The unique stone known as unakite, which blends the hues of pink feldspar and green epidote, makes for a lovely and striking bracelet.

-Some people think unakite has healing qualities that encourage emotional harmony and a sense of peace.

-Unakite bracelets have spherical beads, which give them a seamless, cozy fit that allows for prolonged wear.

-Given that the stone is frequently discovered in mountainous areas and has a rugged, organic appearance, unakite bracelets make wonderful accessories for people who appreciate earthy tones and natural materials.

-Unakite bracelets are a versatile addition to any jewelry collection and can be worn alone or in combination with other bracelets for a boho or eclectic style.

A metamorphic rock called unakite is composed of quartz, pink feldspar, and green epidote. The Unaka Mountains in North Carolina are honored in its name. Because to its appealing appearance, unakite is frequently used in jewelry and gardening. Some people think it has the ability to heal our emotions.

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