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Zebra Stone Polished Points

Zebra Stone Polished Points

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-It is thought that the grounding and balancing qualities of zebra stone, a form of jasper that is found in Western Australia, help to build strength, stability, and endurance.

-Zebra stone's polished points are 3-4 inches tall and have a pointed shape that makes them perfect for crystal healing and meditation techniques.

-Polished zebra stone points can be utilized to improve focus and concentration as well as feelings of motivation and self-assurance. They can also help with physical healing, particularly when it comes to problems with the skin, teeth, and bones.


Jasper known as "zebra stone" can be found in Western Australia and is distinguished by its eye-catching pattern of dark brown and white stripes. It is thought to offer balance and anchoring qualities that increase stamina and endurance. Zebra stone is prized by collectors and used frequently in lapidary work and decorative items.

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